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Ever have these thoughts about YOUR home?​


We are HERE to help!


At Henrik June Home, we offer design packages tailored to your space, to meet your budget, and customized to address your needs. We take the guesswork out of what to do next. Want to know how? Keep reading to learn more...

  • My space needs to be more functional.

  • My home doesn't provide the feel and look I want.

  • I'm overwhelmed on where to start...

  • My space doesn't reflect me.


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Detailed Moodboards, 2D Floorplan, Design Notes and Sourced Links for all selections to meet your budget

This e-design package is a detailed guidebook to creating your custom room. After we consult to discuss your space and needs, and you provide us with your room measurements and images, we can get started designing your package. 2-3 week completion time. Starting at $600/room.

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One Hour Consult

This is for anyone who wants to get design ideas and tips for their renovation; however, they won't need the full E-Design package. This is a fun and focused session where we can dive deep and discuss ideas for your space. Fill out the questionnaire and email a few pictures of your space, and we can book a time to consult. $120/hour.

Steph Lidin


Hi, I'm Steph! I started sharing more about my Design and DIY projects on Instagram a couple years ago. And since then, I wanted to further document my love for decorating, furniture restorations, room renovating and home design.

Design and DIY has been my passion that's been threaded throughout my entire life. From building a four poster canopy bed as a young teen to renovating and styling our four homes over the last 15 years, the learning curve has been steep and one that I have enjoyably and internally obsessed about every step of the way. Over the years, I have become steadfast in a quest to fulfill what a home should embody to meet our needs. And these needs surround three crucial points: creating a space that is an expression of self, intentional in function and cohesive in tone and feel.

I live in Delta, BC. By day, I am a trained Nuclear Medicine Technologist, partner to an incredibly supportive husband, and mom to two sweet and feisty daughters. But, whenever I have a free moment - I am reading, learning, thinking, planning and working on all things Home and DIY. 

Perhaps you're wondering who Henrik June is...which is a completely fair question. Henrik is our bear-sized dog and June is my oldest daughter. The namesake was born when when we moved into our current home 3 years ago. Technically, we bought our home for those two pricey, the decision to name the house and my handle after them made sense.

One day, I will have to explain to our youngest, why her name isn't included in Mommy's namesake. But, we will unpack that later.



Image by Dennis Cortés

What Clients Say

"Working with Stephanie was a game changer! The plan Stephanie provided was so easy (and beautiful) to work through. I loved being able to just click on the links and order the items she had chosen. I have worked with other decorators in the past but never understood their process. Stephanie’s plan was so detailed and clear, I feel as though I understand the thought behind each detail of the design. Most importantly, I feel empowered to make design decisions moving forward which is a huge deal to me. I have always felt paralyzed at making design decisions but now I feel more confident thanks to the knowledge Stephanie has passed along. I’m truly grateful for the thoughtful package Stephanie provided."

-Lesley, Richmond


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