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Quick Billy Hack: Garage Saw Storage Edition

Need a spot to store your mitre saw, table saw, shop vac and those quick supplies you need to get a DIY done? And did you know that a standard Billy Bookcase is sized to perfectly fit these items?? All you need to do is this super simple hack.

Time Required: About 2 hours

Cost: Free. I used everything I had on hand

A Quick Picture Guide from my IG story highlights for how I got it done:

First, the After and Before...

Now, the process:

This project cost me nothing. Using stuff I have on hand is second favourite next to my love of organization. I got a tonne of messages saying...WHAT, not IG feed worthy?! I can tell you this...I would rather stare at this newly organized Billy Bookcase over my styled dining room any day of the week. Thanks for reading! You can find way more on my IG feed...@henrikjunehome


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